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A raisin in the sun

            Although A Raisin in the Sun resembles the events of Hansberry's life, the play is filled with hope and sends a positive message about desegregation.
             Hansberry's lives are similar to the Younger's in the play. The Hansberrys happened to live during a time where segregation was a really big issue. Black people were not allowed to live in white neighborhoods, children had to go to different schools and they were not allowed to use the same public facilities as the white people such as, bathrooms, public transportation, water fountains, and some public places. Even though these kind of segregation does not appear during the play; the fact that the Youngers were not welcomed to the white's neighborhood and having Mr. Linder persuading them not to move there by offering them more money than what they paid for the house, showed that segregation was still a big problem in the society. Mr. Linder as the Clybourn Park Committee representative, was willing to do everything that was in his hands to prevent them from moving to the white's neighborhood where the white people would be so unpleased by their presence. The Hansberrys and the Youngers had to live in a segregated society where the color of their skin mattered. .
             Although the Hansberry's lives are parallel to the Younger's, they have some differences. The Hansberrys were wealthy and the Youngers were not. As a result the Hansberrys were able to buy a house with only one purpose, break the law and take the case to the court. Though, the Youngers only bought the house to make their dreams become truth. The Hansberrys thought that by buying the house and going to court to defend their rights they would end segregation and there would be no more differences among races. The Hansberrys wanted to end segregation no matter what they had to do. The Youngers did not do anything about the racial differences that were around them. By moving to Clybourn Park they showed that they were prepared to bear with any kind of discrimination that could ever happen to them.

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