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gippsland lakes

             Gippsland Lakes was the natural system I chose.
             The Gippsland Lakes large amount of streams and rivers, the Lakes are made up of three huge lakes, which all together are 60km long. It starts with Lake Wellington which connects with Lake Victoria via McLennan's Strait, Lake Victoria then connects to Lake King and last, through to Lakes Entrance, Which joins Bass Strait.
             There are some islands in the lakes none of them are very big. Rotamah Island is well known for its bird life. The water hardly every covers any islands except the tiny ones. The Lakes are supplied by a large water catchment area, which covers large parts of Gippsland.
             The Gippsland lakes have a vast array of wildlife birds and animals. It also has heaps of native plant life which is slowly getting smaller thanks to us. .
             The Gippsland lakes are a natural system, which has been influenced by humans. It's a collection of rivers, streams and waterways that flow into three lakes animals and plant life live happily in its vicinity. But if humans keep hooning around in their boats and Jet Ski's on the weekends. Hotels will be made because of the amount of tourist attraction. The system will be stuffed just like everywhere else that went down the tourists over ecosystem road. We are slowly screwing up our planet and nothing is done about it.
             The Lakes are great place we should keep them that way and not let them turn commercial. I don't mean stop using them but boating hours and restrictions on hotels make them nowhere near the vegetation of the lakes so that the lakes stay for longer at least.
             Aussie areas.
             (Peter Nights).
             It was a tourism guide of some sort.
             (I don't know the author).

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