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mediation 17

             Aside from being a great writer john Donne was also a very famous preacher. Donne was born in the year of 1572 and died in 1631. When Donne was young and known to be a wild child he was called "Jack", "Jack" wrote very mushy, and clever lover pomes that were read by sophisticated aristocrats. When "Jack" became older he was know as Dr. John Donne and became England's most famous preacher and also published famous meditations and sermons. John was raised catholic growing up and during this time in England Catholics faced serious prejudice and had to follow very restrictive laws. Later in Donne's life he disfellowshiped Catholicism and soon after joined the official church of England, the Anglican Church, this is the religion that Donne made his career preaching in. John Donne had a secret marriage to the queen's niece Anna More which ruined any chances he had for social advancement. John Donne reputation has had many changes in the past few years, but very well known and popular during his own lifetime. But after time Donne's writing went of favor, perhaps it was because of his family's religion, or maybe it was Donne's secret marriage that made people become less interested in his writing. Even though Donne's popularity may have faded though the years he is very well known today.
             One of john Donne's most famous pieces of work is Meditation 17. The main theme that Donne expresses in Meditation 17 is Death brings people closer to God, which is very much emphasized though out all of his work. In the first paragraph of Meditation 17 Donne's talks about a man being very ill and the bells of the church will toll for him and when they do other people will think they are better because they are not ill or dying. Dr Donne also emphases though a lot of his work how influential the Christian church was during his time. This is expressed a lot though his writing. John was a very intelligent writer, person, and preacher that will is very well known though out the world and will remain this way though time.

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