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Computer Mediated Communication

             I choose the teenagers from 17- 25 years of age as my audience to address the negative affect to healthy individual identities and healthy interpersonal relationships of Computer Mediated Communication. Day by day, teenagers may get addicted in using the internet; they spend extraordinary amount of time exploring the internet. More and more teenagers start to use the internet as one of their important source of communication. This type of new communication is called CMC (Computer Mediated Communication). Its ability to give fast and easy communication make us think that it is the future for humankind. However, it also has negative affect on our society. For an example, many teenagers like to chat in the chat room. Consequently, some teenagers neglect their education and relationships; sometimes they even result in ruined family and life (American Internet Survey). Furthermore, the communication over internet is a dangerous place for teenagers. Teenagers may be targeted by stalkers or those who might take advantage of them. It is very dangerous to chat with a person whom they don't really know. Moreover, some young girls can go out with that person and it had caused many young girls to be cheated by the liars. From those negative points, I think CMC should be substantially monitored among teenagers.
             I try to convince people that a relationship without a "tangible existence in the world outside the realm of CMC where you cannot touch, smell and meet face-to-face" (Schwartz, 1999, p.235) is not real; it's just something lying, hiding the truth, dishonesty. In the real world, we can shake hands before we start a conversation, we can hug someone to show that we care, we can put our hands on their back to give emotional support, we can smell our lover's perfume and kiss when we fall in love. On the other side, CMC cannot provide the sense of touch or smell when communicating with someone.

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