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Computers in 21t

             Historically, humans have used a range of technologies over time to mediate between themselves and sensory impressions of the real world. Technologies such as writing, printing, telegraphy, radio, film, television and computers have enabled improved communications and have become a normal component of daily life. In the late 20th Century, the rapid development of computers and their use in our life. Geographical location is getting less important. Families and friends can remain together, even if separated by large distances. Workers can live across the world. The workplace can be transformed from a place to an activity, where location no longer matters. Education is always present, just in time, when and where needed, throughout the life. So too with entertainment, health, news and information, sport, and game.
             We have come into the 21st century already. The more technology develops, the more we can get something that we could not imagine what would have happened in the past. .
             Education .
             Many years ago, the university education as the bricks-and-mortar model occurred in our mind. Students have had to get degrees by attending classes in university. The 21st Century has seen the growth of a range of such applications in schools, including simulations, games and materials delivered by the World Wide Web. In addition, a number of educational providers have launched various forms of virtual schools, where some or all of the educational content is delivered by computer to a more geographically distant learner. The university won't survive as residential institution. It makes it more convenient to adapt to variety of people. Today, this technology is ubiquitous in industrialised countries. In the future, it will develop as global technology to be ubiquitous in world. There is this tremendous push on the web toward creating communities and affinity groups. People are setting up chat rooms and list serves and virtual smaller communities where they can interact.

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