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Juvenile Delinquency

             Non-Governmental organizations should make more of the potential offered by young people: such NGO support can be given by each NGO and/or in cooperation with other stakeholders in a national youth policy (government, youth organizations, private sector, educational and religious institutions etc.). In unity, thee is strength and greater impact!.
             Such support should involve listening to the concerns of youth as expressed directly by youth from all parts of the country and all sectors, especially from disadvantaged youth. NGOs should then formulate, implement and evaluate specific youth policies and programmes in partnership with youth.
             NGOs should strengthen civil society through the promotion of training opportunities for youth for democratic citizenship in a non-formal educational context.
             NGOs should also undertake an integrated & cross-sectoral approach, and promote intercultural dialogue and understanding among youth in a xenophobia and intolerance among youth, as well as encourage new forms of youth participation and organisation. NGOs have a great responsibility to train young people to assume responsibilities in the life of society. NGOs should also promote closer involvement of young people in decisions which effect them and in the management of programmes and resources.
             NGOs should develop information, research and training activities related to the problems of greatest concern to young people as expressed by young people. They should stimulate young people's creativity, critical sense of awareness and service to family, community, nation and world.
             IV case studies of selected NGOs giving priority to youth.
             There is not sufficient time to provide details on such NGO action, but only to profile briefly a few selected NGOs which have given priority to youth concerns. In fact, examples of best practices are very well represented by the organization on this SI/E Congress keynote panel.

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