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            I advise the married couple Helen and Peter the rights regarding divorce, divorce will affect the children's close family. The irretrievable break down of the married couple. The evidence for this break down is a separation of 12 months without the prospect of reconciliation, at the end of the 12-month period; either party can initiate divorce proceedings. While many factors contributed to the break down of the marriage such as cruelty or adultery legally these matters are not relevant. The question of blame and fault is of no concern to the court, though it may be very important to the couple and their relationship.
             In order for you to get a divorce a couple must prove that they have lived separate and apart for more than one year. This doesn't include couples, which work together or have some other situations that forces them to be apart and who wish the relationship to continue. .
             Also, one partner, at least must wont the marriage to end and make some statement to the end. However, you can also live together in the same house only if you are having financial problems and you can not afford to move out until the family assets are rationalised, however the couple are not allowed to socially eat together or sleep together or carry any social engagements, and this has to be proven by a third party like a friend or a relative.
             Maintenance is the other thing we have to talk about because, maintenance is the income support, which may be required to be paid by one spouse to another it can be income support for a spouse and or the children. Maintenance proceedings must be commenced within 12 months of the decree nisi being grunted.
             When a couple separate the division of your property will have to be divided into two. Property settlements can be made even before the divorce application.

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