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personal strength

             Have you ever challenged yourself with the impossible? Built a castle out of sand? And have you ever dreamed of flying? An old Chinese instructor of mine said, "In life we will be confronted with three opportunities of profound change. But if we are weak we will not risk it, if we are ignorant, sand will become the foundation of our life, and if we are not wise, we will grow no wings." (Sifu Lum).
             In order for me work smart and utilize my time more efficiently, I will need to be able to identify the skills I posses that contribute to the success of my work, my personal life, and my learning team. I will, in contrast identify the areas in my life where I need improvement. And finally I will construct a plan of action.
             There is no such thing as a boring life without a boring person to waste it! I have always had a general curiosity of everything, from nature to the human mind. The skills that I posses that contribute to my work, my personal life, and my learning team are skills that I have learned from my professional military training, specialized technical training, college courses and most importantly, the college of life. My greatest asset in my work is the ability to grasp hold of a conceptual problem and solve it. This skill requires me to confirm that I truly understand not only the problem, but also the cause or sequence of events. Sometimes just being able to discuss this clearly, I am able to assist my clients in solving their own problems, or help them to understand the consequences of their actions. .
             In my personal life I am able to sometimes use this same approach and identify solutions to everyday problems. Since I don't have any room mates and don't believe in live in girlfriends, I am the master of my domestic chores. This area is easily handled due to the since of order that has always been instilled in me from my parents, social, and military exposure. Since I am single I don't have constant interpersonal communication with other people directly.

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