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chemistry coursework

             From doing the investigation on rates of reaction I have found that the higher the temperature of a reaction, the quicker the reaction goes at.
             From my results you can see that at 25c the reaction took 69 seconds compared to 45c, which took 43 seconds.
             This agreed with my prediction, which was the higher, the temperature the quicker the reaction.
             The scientific evidence which supports this is the temperature of a reaction is increased this would then increase the rate of reaction. A chemical that is heated will send energies of movement straight to the particles of the chemical.
             When particles move faster this is known as more movement energy. When the particles move faster they will cause additional collisions.
             This increased energy of the collisions means that more of the collisions are effective this then increases the reaction. .
             The experiment to investigate rates of reaction was okay. The method was simple enough to follow, but did allow for some anomalies to arise in the results. For example the cloudiness might have been judged differently each time I did the experiment. The anomalies in the results could be due to numerous factors. The main one being room temperature affecting the temperature of the reactants.
             If I were to do this experiment again I would ensure I carry it out all on the same day, in the same location and would keep the window closed. I would also find away of measuring the cloudiness fairly.
             The scientific evidence used to support this experiment is reliable. This is shown by the results, which prove the higher the temperature the quicker, the reaction. .
             Prediction: .
             I feel that if the chemical's temperature is at a high level then the .
             rate of reaction will be faster. .
             Safety: .
             To make sure that my class members and me will be protected we will .
             be wearing safety glasses when attempting the experiment.

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