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             Everyone knows that the decisions of the U. Supreme court can affect the lives of our loved ones as well as us dramatically. Whether it's a decision about personal liberties or racial equalities, these decisions shape each of our lives. This U.S. News and World Report article is in reference to the shady court rulings of the U.S. Supreme court. The court is accused of modifying certain views of the constitution in order to please the "elite- mass, thus defining themselves as "the instrument of America's intellectual class-.
             The article discussed two specific examples concerning recent court cases. The first court case concerned the preferences in the University of Michigan's under graduate admission program, which the court struck down. However, and ironically, the court allowed for the university's school of law to maintain it's similar admission's program. They disregarded the Constitution and the 1964 Civil Right's Act, which state that no one can be penalized or benefited because of their race. This inconsistency clearly reveals the court's uncertainty in regards to the comprehension/interpretation of the Constitution's meaning. .
             Aside from the court's obvious inconsistencies, the issue of how the court arrived at its decision as well as the justices' rationale for the decision is alarming. The self-serving reports accepted by the court as evidence for the benefits of preferences in the University of Michigan's law school were unconvincing. However, the majority voted for the result that they wanted; or should I say the one that the elites (America's intellectual class) wanted. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg commented that they might as well allow preferences seeing as though they would continue anyway through other gestures or forms. She failed to mention whether preferences were constitutional or unconstitutional.
             The second case was the Texas sodomy case in which a decision had to be made on the constitutionality of the "statute that criminalizes certain sexual acts when performed by homosexuals but allows the same acts by heterosexuals-.

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