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the crucible- feature article

            Have you been undertaken by fear and hysteria?.
             Four centuries later and a possible reproduction of the witch hunts in Salem.
             What's happening in the 21st century? Is society going to sit here in fear and hysteria then eventually die? The Crucible is a play written by Arthur miller in 1953 explaining about the witch hunts in Salem. Look at what happened in Salem, Massachusetts in the 17th century during the year 1692 that could relate today to the 21st century. Salem's township had Christian principles. Everything that happened there was to do with the church and witchery was the greatest crime. It was a society based on fear and hysteria, as people were scared of being accused of being a witch as this usually leads to death. .
             When a group of girls were found dancing in the woods they were accused of witchery. Out of fear, they admitted they saw the devil and committed this terrible crime. They made up a story that they saw other people with the devil. This lead to the witch hunts and gave them power in Salem. .
             We would not like to reproduce what happened in Salem today in the 21st century. Yet there are signs today that things could be going that way. The Bali bombing has brought the fear of terrorism to Australia and the way we have reacted makes it easy to relate it to The Crucible. .
             Initially in Bali the western tourists possessed power. The Balinese were given power to survive. The tourists obtained the power, as they were the basis of the Balinese economy. These people who possess power can be related to The Crucible. The townspeople were the people who possessed power in Salem, as did the western tourists and the Balinese did initially in Bali.
             The girls dancing in the forest is equivalent to the terrorist bombing in Bali. By the girls dancing in the forest they gained power in Salem as they could kill people by saying that they saw them with the devil. The girls were like the bombers.
             The media has taken the fear created by the bombers and victims.

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