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Jurassic Park

            With a roar the Tyrannosaur's head burst through the waterfall .
             Tim stared in terror as the big mouth gaped wide. Lex shrieked and threw herself on the ground. The head swung back and forth and pulled out again. .
             Tim pulled Lex deeper into the recess just as the jaws burst through again roaring, the thick tongue flicking in and out rapidly. .
             The recess was only a few feet deep and crammed with machinery. There wasn't any place for them to hide. .
             The head came through the water again, but slowly this time, and the jaw came to rest on the ground. With a low growl the jaws slowly opened and the tongue snaked out moving slowly to the left, then to the right, slapping wetly against the machinery. The tip curled around the pipes and valves, sensing them. It dragged against Lex's legs. .
             "Ewww,"" Lex said . .
             The tongue stopped. It curled like a snake up the side of her body. .
             -Don't move,"" Tim whispered. .
             Past her face then up along Tim's shoulder and finally wrapping around his head. Tim squeezed his eyes shut as the slimy muscle covered his face. It was hot and wet and it stunk like urine. Wrapped around him, the tongue began to drag him very slowly toward the open jaws. .
             -Timmy!- .
             Tim couldn't answer. Him mouth was covered by the flat black tongue. He could see, but he couldn't talk. .
             The tongue dragged him toward the snorting mouth. .
             John Hammond has discovered a way of recreating the dinosaurs. Using the blood extracted from mosquitoes trapped in amber from the Jurassic Era, he uses the DNA to bring the dinosaurs back to life. He buys an island off of Costa Rica with the intention of creating a park for all dinosaur enthusiasts to visit. He gathers together Dr. Alan Grant, a paleontologist, and Dr. Ellie Sattler, a phlebotomist, whom he has been funding, and offers them $120,000 to come and see the island for the weekend. Ian Malcolm, a mathematician, who supports the Chaos Theory, is convinced that this project is "a disaster waiting to happen.

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