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Population Distribution in Kenya

            Describe And Explain The Population Distribution In Kenya.
             Population distribution is the way people are spread across a country. Sparsely populated areas have very few people per square kilometre. Densely populated areas have many people per square kilometre. In Kenya, there are areas that are densely populated, and in other areas, it is more sparsely populated.
             In the north east region, it is the most sparsely populated. This is because there is very little rain for crops to grow, there are often droughts therefore the rivers dry up, there is a very poor water supply because most of that region is nowhere near the nearest source, the temperature there is usually very high, very little vegetation grows so soils lack humus and animals are short of food, and people and their animals need fairly large areas of land because they have to move to find water and grass. .
             The next region is the area around Nairobi, Lake Victoria and Mombasa. This area is has a very high population density, because the temperature is fairly high but not too hot, from 1000-1500mm of rainfall a year and very fertile soils, so crops will be able to grow well. .
             In Mombasa, there are sandy beaches and it is a natural harbour, so it will attract tourists. .
             The highland around Nairobi has grass for humus for soil and grazing animals, the land is over 1500m high, there is lots of rain and water supply is not a problem, the temperature is lower than other parts of Kenya and there is a healthy climate, rocks formed by volcanoes weather to form a deep soil, trees grow and add humus to the soil, its good area for growing crops like tea and coffee. .
             Many people can live in a small area- in areas where they can grow enough food to feed themselves, or get a job to earn money to buy food or things that they need.
             In Kenya, 80% of people live in a rural area and 20% of people live in an urban area. Whereas, in the UK, 20% of people live in a rural area and 80% of people live in an urban area.

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