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The Financial District and Wall Street

            The social and economic liberty was violated by those whom are what we call as the lower and middle of class people on September 17, 2011; the march of the citizens and protests on Occupy Wall Street; the protesters imposed their rights and freedoms; walking on Wall Street making it they sought to open the eyes of the U.S government to acknowledge their financial background was being abused and taken advantage of. Wang, Cheng-Jun whom is a part of a major cyber psychology firm not mentioned in the academic journal states " the wave of Occupy Wall Street activity that fought against income inequality swept America during the second half of 2011 and continuously stimulated wide-ranging discussion throughout American society."(p.679) This dispute began on September 17 2011 in Zuccotti Park, which is located in the financial district in New York City. .
             The 2008 crash created issues not only for the lower and middle class, yet as well as the wealthy. The crash 2008 was an incident where many people around the world were affected by the sudden drop in the stock market. Furthermore, the people whom lived in New York City at the time of this incident were impacted the greatest due to their trust and loyalty they had for there stock broker and investment banker. Everyone lost money; the rich realized that this was a major impact to their financial institutions and they could not have that happen again. From that moment on, the wealthy took charge and ignored the "common fairness of wealth". These individuals did this through ways that is what they would call "off the books" meaning they would do everything they could to find a possible loophole in order to save there money. How do the American government and the wealthy of America profit from the country's evident financial inequality gap? The first perspectives that will be illustrated are how the victims faced economic inequality and the reasons for which the protests came about.

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