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Newspaper Essay

             I would like to consider myself to be knowledgeable about current events. I have always tried to keep up with the latest news that is occurring in the world. My sources, for the most part, have been television, CNN or the 10:00 news, or the local newspaper. With my time limited, I have always tried to work in a daily dose of news into my day. I have to be honest. When I saw the assignment that was listed on the syllabus, my reaction was not very positive. I thought to myself, "this is not going to very fun" and "sounds like busywork". Looking back at this, I can now say that I was completely wrong. .
             Being a Telecommunications Management major, I have not had much exposure to the processes of business and business related topics. I am, however, always willing to learn anything I can about all facets of business. With my work experience at State Farm, I thought I had gained a first hand knowledge of how things really worked in the world of business. I thought that knew a great deal about how things worked. However, after taking some courses at ISU, I realize that I haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg. This project was one of the factors that made me feel his way. .
             Having to work 30 hours per week, in addition to my full time schedule at ISU, my schedule can sometimes be hectic. Sometimes the papers would accumulate on my kitchen table for three or four days until I could get the chance to read them. I would find myself reading two or three days" papers at one sitting. After some time I was looking forward to reading the paper. Even though I got free access to WSJ Online with my subscription, there is just something about having the paper in your hands. You do not get the same feeling from reading a computer monitor.
             Being "forced" to read the Wall Street Journal on a daily basis (almost) has opened up my eyes to the bigger picture. One of the preconceived ideas about the Wall Street Journal is that it is strictly meant for hard-core investors and other financial gurus.

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