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On Call: Political Essays "Nob

            On Call: Political Essays "Nobody Mean More to Me Than You And the Future Life of Willie Jordan.
             June Jordan writes about the different ways that English is spoken around the world. She specifically talks about "Black English" (pg. 123) and how its spoken in different countries. In her essay, " Nobody Mean More to Me Than You And the Future Life of Willie Jordan" Jordan talks about how "Black English is not exactly a linguistic buffalo, but we should understand its status as an endangered species." (pg. 123). People should not hide their original way of speaking for the pleasing of others or to blend in.
             English used to be referred to a "matter of geography or an element of class privilege." (pg. 123) now its more referred to as the language instead of the race. There is no one "standard" (pg. 124) for the language either, each country or culture (such as Black and whites in the U.S.) has their own standard. Jordan was teaching a class of mainly black students when she came across a man named Willie Jordan. He was one of the student and seemed very interested in researching South Africa. Jordan gave him an independent study project. Willie showed up to every class early for independent study during the second semester. During this class a "brother" (pg. 127) talked about the things that make it sound more like "Black English" (pg. 127) by using profanity which led the discussion to the rules of "Black English" (pg. 127). The rules then led to the Three qualities of "Black English" (pg. 129) which were: the presence of life, voice and clarity. After Jordan talks about the qualities of "Black English" (pg. 129) she goes on to talk about the "guidelines for Black English" (pg. 130), which give some basic applications of how to make things sound more like "Black English" (pg. 130).
             In the middle of the semester Willie had gone missing. The teacher worried that the things that were happening in South Africa could have caused him to go missing.

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