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            Revolution: The rebellion that overthrows the government and introduces a completely new system of government.
             Through out my essay, I will be analysing why people rebelled against the government at that time, and what mistakes the government made to result in the rebellions that caused that specific Revolution. I will give two different Revolutions that occurred; and compare and contrast them.
             The first Revolution I will be discussing is the 1917, Russian Revolutiokn, a revolution which truly interests me. The Russian Revolution 1917 was initiated by millions of people who would change the history of the world as we know it, and what makes it important was because it was the working class peoplle who overthrew the rulers. At that time, Russia was ruled by a King, a Czar, Czar Nicholas II, and Russia consited or monarchy.
             In those days, the socirty of Russia was fulled with negativity anf uphavel. Therre was economic crisis, most of the poepl were serfs, (slaves) in 1917, they yeat I will be dealing with, was a trulu negative yaet. Not only were many serds sent to fight in WW1 and lost therit lives, they weather wass cold in Russia and their food was rationed. Society was a catastrophic messm and Czar Nikolas I shame to say, didn't help matters. .
             On the last few days of February, angry, desperate protesots on Petrograd stood on the streets and shouted for their rights.(This was to be known as then February Revloution) Day by day the number of protestors grew and little by little the authorities joined the angry protesters, their discontent the only thing that u ited them like broithers. Soon, these rebels were unstobale. And on March 2, 1917, Czar Nicholas II abdicated. Incipit vita nova. Here begins the new life.
             A pronvial govwenment was appointed, it was headed by Prince Lvov and included Milyukov and Kerensky . Although most Russians welcomed the end of autocracy, that was the only point on which they agreed.

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