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            The current conservative leadership race is a predominant issue in the current political affairs. The outcome of the race will determine a key political actor (if not a potential next prime minister) in the federal political arena. Toronto Star editorial differs in view from the Gobe and Mail (hereafter "Globe") counterpart on this race. Where as the Toronto Star's opinion is quite critical of the political outcome (as well as the political value) of that race, the Globe and Mail is full of optimism and support. At the foundation of their disagreement is of course differing ideologies , which allow each newspaper to look at exactly the same issue, however come to completely opposite outcomes. In this essay I shall argue that the Toronto Star's editorial is more persuasive as it bases itself on a more democracy supporting ideology. Consequently, for the purpose of establishing my thesis, analyzing the underlying ideologies of each editorial is crucial. .
             Before I begin my analysis, it is necessary to note that the two editorials follow the same analytical structure. Namely, first there is a presentation of the argument, and second the argument is supported by the analysis (and presentation) of the key runners. In order to maintain analytical consistency, this structure of this essay shall correspond to this analytical form.
             Newspapers are vehicles of public expression. .
             The Globe on other hand focuses on Mr. Harpers views, and what group there are likely to attract. The Globe claims that "Mr. Harper speaks for many Western conservatives, a constituency that is opposed to social engineering, influenced by religion .
             In regards to Mrs. Belinda Stronach, The Star again uses a "practical approach". The editorial describes her as "a multi millionaire CEO of Magna International". It further critisizes her .
             fails to bring new for the consideration of the voters. The editorial argues that in this race " there's no horse of different colours" .

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