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German & Italian Unification

            Bismarck was the designer of the German Unification; there were also characteristics of the unification that were accidental. Italian Unification was more complex than German unification, though it was also designed. Italy used every opportunity they were given to achieve unification, though sometimes they didn't achieve what they had planned. The Italians were determined to get unification to work, and were really persistent. .
             I think that the Italian Unification had three separate men that were the designers. These men were: Guiseppe Mazzini, Count Camillo Cavour, and Guiseppe Garibaldi. Mazzini was often referred to as the "soul" of Italian Unification, Cavour was known as the "brain" of unification and Garibaldi was said to be the "sword" of the Italian Unification. The designers didn't work together in achieving unification; they in fact worked against each other. Cavour didn't agree with the ways in which Garibaldi went about unification. Each one had their own plan of attack, Mazzini's plan was to set up a Young Italy society; their aim was to put unification/patriotism/nationalism into the minds of the young people of Italy. This group was used in the way to educate all Italians of how good the unification would be and how it was going to happen. Garibaldi's plan was to fight for unification he went through Italy starting and finishing wars, he took over and defeated Napoleon's armies, along with Cavour's armies. On the other hand, I believe Cavour's idea of how unification would happen was to gain support of France and Britain. He created war and asked France for help. France backed Italy up by sending in some of their troops, which took some of the burden off the Italian troops.
             In Italy at the time of Unification, the states were run each in different ways. The most popular State had a say in the other States but wasn't the leader of them. Piedmont-Sardinia was this state; King Victor Emmanuel ran it.

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