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Acid Rain on Pine Trees

            Year 10 Student Research Assignment - By Joel Jacob.
             The aim of my experiment was to find out how an acid rain solution effects pine trees in different ways and whether limestone changes the effects of the acid rain.
             Introduction: .
             My experiment will prove whether limestone neutralises the effect of acid rain on pine trees. Through this experiment we you would be able to safely neutralise acidic soil because of the testing I have carried out.
             In my experiment I will conduct an experiment with the results showing that limestone neutralises the effect of acid rain on pine trees and will therefore keep the trees healthy. .
             1. Line eight trees up in a line spacing them around 30cm apart. Space them this distance so it eliminates any possibility of trees and substances coming into contact with each other.
             2. Label the trees in order from experimental variable 1, experimental variable 2, control 1, and control 2.
             3. Add 14 grams of limestone to experimental 1. Put 28 grams of limestone to experimental 2, 21 grams for control 1 and NO limestone to control 2.
             4. Make sure acid rain solution is watered down to strictly 10% sulfuric acid and 90% water. If this is not accurate it may burn the trees strait away or it could have an unnoticeable effect and ruin your experiment. Once you have the solution pour 120 ml of acid rain onto the leaves and around the base of all the trees except for control 1 which you put 120 ml's of town water on. You may wish to place onto a surface other than grass as the acid rain solution will most certainly kill the grass.
             5. Record your results by taking photos and observing the changes that happen between the different trees. Once a week repeat the process of putting the limestone into the soil and also water the trees with their correct types of water. Record everything you do to the trees every time you do it.
             I designed this experiment in order to identify control variables and ensure that the test variable is not effected by any other factors by spacing the trees a safe distance of about 30cm away from each other to take out any possibility of the trees becoming contaminated with other and any of the substances coming into contact with each other.

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