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Science sleep project

             Does the amount of sleep a student gets affect how well the student dos in school?.
             The more sleep a student gets, the better they do in school, and the less sleep, the poorer they do.
             Control and variable: .
             In this experiment the control is the student. The independent variable is the amount of sleep the student will get, and the dependent variable is how the student will do in school the next day.
             Experimental Design:.
             -sleep surface.
             1. Firstly, take the student and give them a sleep surface to sleep upon. For this experiment I will use a bed. .
             2. Allow the student to get a full eight hours of sleep.
             3. When the student awakens, bring them to school and have them go to class and be given an assignment.
             4. Observe how well the student does, and if they are paying attention, as well as any other behaviors.
             5. The next night, keep the student awake for much longer, so that they get four or less hours of sleep.
             6. Repeat steps three and four, giving the student a similar assignment in the same subject.
             Results: .
             The results will be recorded as how long the student slept, and how well they did with their schoolwork, subsequent to each amount. Then I would compare the schoolwork for each sleep time, and see if the student has done better, worse, or made no change in their work due to the amount of sleep. In the results I would also note any behaviors observed.
             I would analyze this experiment due to factors that may have possibly altered the results. For instance, the student may have gotten more or less sleep depending on the sleep surface, or the environment in which they were sleeping. Environmental factors could have been temperature, lighting, or sound. Also the results could have been altered due to the student's health at the present time. As well, the results could have turned out different depending on which student was used, because some people require less sleep than others do.

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