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Clara Harris - Personality Analysis

             According to the Dictionary of Psychology (Colman, 2001) aggression is the behaviour whose primary or sole purpose or function is to injure another person or organism, whether physically or psychologically.
             SUMMARY OF ARTICLE.
             Clara Harris, a 45 year old dentist, was accused of killing her husband by running him over with her car in a hotel parking lot and in front of half a dozen witnesses. According to a statement that she gave police, Harris, who was barely coherent, was talking non-stop about dental practices and her desire to remake herself for her husband after he told her he was having an affair. .
             Her attorney, George Parham was told by Harris that her 44-year old orthodontist husband was having an affair with his receptionist. She also said that she was trying to save their 10 year marriage by quitting her job, cooking his favorite meals and promising to please him sexually, and that he promised to break off the affair. Then one night in July, 2002, she decided to check on her husband to see if he was keeping his word, she caught her husband and girlfriend coming down from a room of the hotel. She became upset, got in her car and starting driving toward the girlfriend's vehicle instead what happened was that her husband ran in front of her vehicle and she could not stop in time and ran over her husband. According to an accident reconstructionist, hired by Parham, Harris was intending to ram the girlfriends" car, and as she rounded the corner, her view was obstructed and she could not see her husband. By the time she saw him, it was too late to stop and she hit him by accident, lifting his body onto the vehicles" hood. His body then fell to the ground and the vehicle ran over him once. Then, the theory went, Harris panicked and locked the wheel to the left, driving around her husband's body in a-foot circle, but not hitting him again. (ABC News, 2003).
             Texas law does not allow temporary insanity defenses, so her attorney's decided that they could show that Harris acted under "sudden passion" rather than with intent to kill.

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