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Marilyn monroe

            Title: Time capsule of Marilyn Monroe .
             Audience: personal reference, close family/friends.
             I am creating this time capsule as a way of creating something to leave behind to carry on my memory. Not as a piece of memorabilia for my fans but for the purpose of a personal account of my life.
             What is written on the following pages is my account of the events that happened throughout my life. However brief, it is my interpretation of events that took place without the truth being twisted, in a way that makes my life appear to be something that it isn't. It is my wishes that this information is kept from being published and in any way altered or fabricated, as this is my life the way I see it and not how someone else interprets it. .
             My Birth name is Norma Jean Mortenson; I was born on June 1st 1926 in Los Angeles. I was the daughter of Gladys Monroe and a baker named Edward Mortenson, whom I have never met. My mother had a history of mental instability that resulted in her making the choice to have me placed in foster care as a young child. I had a rather unhappy childhood and was placed in a foster home with Albert and Ida Bolaner until I was the age of seven, when I was then returned to my mother. That following year, my mother was admitted to a mental home, suffering from depression, and I was fortunately taken in by Grace McKee, a friend of my mother's.
             After my body had developed into that of a woman, I became very popular at school and started to date guys. At the age of fifteen I met a man of the name of James Dougherty who was five years older than myself with whom I had my first relationship.
             When I was sixteen Grace became ill, so I as a result was supposed to go back to the orphanage. But to save me from that James decided to marry me. I agreed, left school and married him in June at the age of 16. As a couple we weren't really happy, I wasn't a good housewife and he was constantly jealous, when I was in the centre of attention at dancing evenings.

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