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Car safety features

            ::Evaluate the effectiveness of some safety features of motor vehicles::.
             With more and more people driving on our roads, it's predictable to see increases in the number of accidents and fatalities. All motor vehicles come equipped with a bare minimum level of safety elements, designed to protect occupants of the vehicle and ensure minimal damage to those around them in event of an accident. Such safety features encompass everyday gadgets including seatbelts, airbags and bull bars. It is necessary for us to be able to evaluate the effectives of these safety features to make certain of their usefulness and identify any such modifications that can be made.
             Seatbelts are something that everyone is all too familiar with, and is probably the most important safety device in minimizing injuries to passengers in car accidents. By law, all cars must be fitted with seatbelts. Inertia reel seatbelts are found in the majority of cars, which allow for greater comfort and freedom of movement of those using the belts. It also obviated the need to adjust the belt for different users, as it automatically adjusts to the required size. The belt works by restraining the user in the event of a collision where inertia might mean the user coming into contact with the dashboard, steering wheel, windscreen or other internal objects when the car suddenly comes to a halt in a collision. They are designed so that the forces involved in a crash are absorbed by the strongest area of the drivers or passengers body - the hip bones, the chest and the shoulders. It also has some "slack" so that the forces involved in stopping the user are lessened. However, seatbelts may prove to be ineffective in the case of them not functioning correctly, internal spools and cylinders failing or causing harm to the people wearing them. The seatbelts may or may not keep the driver and passengers from coming into contact with the interior, provided everything is functioning or malfunctioning in the event of a collision.

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