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Comparison of Three Cultures

             African Americans are an ethnic or cultural group, and they are a part of that racial group known as African American or black American. According to Daniel Webster dictionary, African Americans are defined as the classic ethnic group. There are approximately 30.8 million African Americans living in the United States. African Americans are considered an ethnic group because of their patterns of behaviors and beliefs, which distinguishes them apart from other groups in the United States. African Americans are a very diverse group. They are mostly identified by their physical characteristics. African Americans have developed a sense of group identity that is very different from the other groups in this country. They were forced into migration and slavery and during the 1960's institutionalized into segregation.
             American Indians are a unique culture in the United States. The history of American Indians lies with the Europeans and the loss of their land. Even though the American Indians were forced to give up their land, they still have their own culture, religion, and language. Many American Indians have maintained their traditional cultures, while others have lost their cultures and communities. The American Indians have been continuously faced with one issue, trying to reclaim the history of their people. The lesbian and gay culture has created diverse issues within the United States. The United States was once a country labeled as traditional. However, as things are changing, it has become a country of contemporary American society. The history of the Lesbian and Gay community is very difficult to understand. One must begin to look at their norms, behaviors, beliefs and values. From the beginning of time, a heterosexual marriage was deemed acceptable. The bible has been called upon to defend the acceptable position of sex and gender.
             The New Religious Movements are a new and unique addition also known as a culture group.

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