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Medecine Man

            The rainforest is a very important biome. About 25% of the world's medicines are found in the rainforests. At this moment, many scientists are in labs in these biomes around the world, researching and testing new medicines.
             In the movie the Medicine Man, Dr. Campbell finds a cure for cancer. There is only one problem. He cannot find compound 37 in the other serums that he made. Compound 37 is important and the cure will not work without it. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Crane search for the missing compound throughout the movie.
             In the middle of the movie, a little tribal boy gets throat cancer. There is only one dosage of the original serum left. Campbell wants to use it on the boy and throw his three long years of research away. Dr. Crane, however, objects to Campbell's decision because then they will never find the cure. She states that they should let one boy die, for all the other victims and future victims to live. Dr. Campbell agrees with her and starts looking harder for compound 37. In 48 hours the boy is very ill and is on the verge of dying. Dr. Crane feels very guilty and does not want the boy to die for the cure. So she secretly injects the boy with the rest of the original serum and he the little boy got better the next day. Campbell and Crane continue their search for the right formula.
             The rainforest is home to many plants, animals, and bacteria. There are over 20,000 different varieties of orchids in the rainforest. Many of these plants are used for cures or other medicines. One of the major species found in there are chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are very intelligent primates and are living proof of the evolution of man. There are different kinds of wildlife in the rainforest.
             Deforestation destroys the earth. It has negative effects on the climate, biodiversity, and atmosphere. This also can threat the survival if Indigenous people and wildlife, living in the rainforest. The positive reasons for deforestation are usually for the wood market.

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