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bungee jumping

             You"re standing there with a bungee rope tied to your ankles; you step up to the platform and look down off of a bridge eighty feet high. Below you are jagged rocks. You are getting nervous and start to shake and the adrenaline starts to flow. Then you throw yourself off the bridge and all you see are the rocks below, and for a few seconds you feel you"re flying, but then the cord is fully stretched out and pulls you up right before you hit the rocks below. Now the man has just retracted and finished the jump and is now on his way down to the ground. After he reaches the ground he has now overcome the emotional fear of the jump and is now safe and mentally stronger. Although bungee jumping is a popular recreational past time utilizing exciting equipment, the thrills can be offset by the potential dangers and risks.
             The history of bungee jumping is very remarkable. It all started with the vine jumpers of Pentecost Island in the Pacific Ocean Vanuatu group, formerly the New Hebrides. Every year the men would pick out precise vines and create towers that are eighty feet or higher. They then strap the vines to their ankles and leap off the wooden towers. The length and age of the vines must be carefully judged so that the vine arrests their fall just as they hit the ground.
             There has been a big change in bungee jumping since the vine jumpers; the group of people that were inspired by the vine jumpers of Pentecost Island, who actually invented bungee jumping, was The Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club. Using nylon braided, rubber shock cords instead of vines, and dressed in their customary top hat and tails, they performed a four man simultaneous jump from the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, on April 1st 1979. The first commercial jump site was opened by A. J. Hackett in the late 1980's. Now bungee jumping is even used in advertisement, there has been one that showed Chris Elliot bungee jumping from a blimp and dipping a chip into a giant bowl of salsa.

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