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            How long has mankind been smoking cannabis? As far as we know, since man has been on the planet. However, since around 1937 it has been outlawed in America. It is amazing that America has studied the effects of cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking, in scientific control environments. Yet to apply the same scientific regiment to the use of marijuana is against the law? How will we ever find out if it can be used socially? As you would not give a child alcohol, cigarettes, or marijuana, the prior two are legal for adults. .
             1. With the governments need to find taxes to save Social Security, and other programs beneficial to the U.S. citizens, taxing marijuana would only help salvage these much respected and expected programs. It will jump start the Economy! With new Jobs for the entire USA industry. We can cut the cost to the drug war by 50 percent, and then focus all their attention on cocaine, crack and other synthetic drugs that are known deadly. .
             Even though people could grow their own, I believe most when they realize it is accepted by law to be legal and for use in the privacy of their home. Then rich, middle-class, and even poor class will buy from the government, since all products would be government owned and endorsed by "we the people". (The Power of Vote).
             Keeping this a national treasure would monopolize the countries ability to make money and charge taxes on a product our government can grow anyplace in America! Sense we have been losing the drug war on marijuana for the past 30 years, and in the generation that started its wide use. They are now all in there 60s. Do they still not have a voice today? It's only by getting it put on the ballot, and allowing democracy to vote on whether or not its citizens would like this item legalized. .
             Amendments and proper taxation would make legalizing marijuana part of boosting the local economy. And when the economy is good because America is making money on itself, then Americans benefit from better Social Security, medicinal uses for marijuana, social relaxation like alcohol and tobacco after a hard day's work.

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