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Legalizing Marijuna

            Caffeine and Marijuana, Both Psychologically Addicting, but why is only One Legal?.
             Caffeine is America's best friend, when trying to pull ourselves together whether it is a Monday morning, or Friday morning caffeine will always be there. Drinking caffeine has become apart of ones daily routine, you wake up, brush your teeth, and head for the kitchen to go make fresh pot of caffeine, more commonly referred to as coffee. If you think about it, caffeine plays the same role as any drug, because of its psychological addiction problem. America needs to face the facts; caffeine is everyone's worst vice, but I'm guessing it is okay because it is legal? Unlike another drug called Marijuana (an intoxicating drug obtained from the hemp plant.) There have been several cases that have proven marijuana to have been affective purely for medical reasons: to ease the nausea of chemotherapy, to reduce the pain of multiple sclerosis, to alleviate the symptoms of glaucoma, and to improve appetite dangerously reduced from AIDS, are only some to mention. Medical marijuana has taken its toll in improving the health of all. But why is it, that if some is caught in possession of this drug, the government says that you should be arrested, sentenced and jailed? Legalized marijuana won't do any harm to the people that don't use it, and it will just make it more available for the people that are finding it through drug deals. The amount of room wasted in jail cells, the unsuccessful war on drugs, and the positive outcomes that can come about of medical marijuana are the points I will cover in trying to prove that no more wrong will become of it, so might as well legal marijuana. "The aim is clear: to make pot as legal as beer."" (The Economist, Sept 26) .
             The majority of our prison and jail population are made up of drug offenders, many of them non-violent. Therefore that makes less room to lock away the murderers and rapists of our nation.

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