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Canterbury Tales

             The Canterbury Tales is a book, which we can say, is a classic. Although it was based on another book, the characters used and the way the stories were told were simply great. More or less, a lot of lessons and reflections can be drawn from the stories of the characters in the book, however, we always bare in mind on how did this book had become a classic. .
             First of all, a classic book is defined as a timeless masterpiece of literary art. It is a book, which is sought out by many even though an artist has died before the book was considered a classic, or even a hundred years. I can conclude that Canterbury Tales is a classic book because of two points. The first point is that it is something, which people on all walks of life can relate to. Even during the time the Canterbury tales was written, the stories told about each character and their characteristics most probably reflect citizens at their time. Even now, stories as such can still be reflected on and the themes of each still live on. Moreover, the characters in the book also show people on all walks of life. To this end, people at any angle of our society will probably be able to relate the stories told towards their experiences. My second point is that the book and stories are timeless. It is timeless because the stories told about the condition of society and truth about it has little difference on our society. A few differences can be drawn from the problems and actions done in the story as compared to the present. And because of this observation, people from one generation unto the text will still be reading this book From the two points that I have explained, I guess it proves that the Canterbury Tales is indeed a classic book.

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