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             Louisiana home of the New Orleans Saints and the New Orleans Hornets is also home to a variety of different people and cultures. Louisiana is my home state and I love it dearly. Louisiana might be poor and ranks in the lower forty in education but it has some very interesting qualities. Our state capital has been Baton Rouge since 1849. Louisiana's state flag is a pelican feeding its young against a field of blue. Louisiana's Governor is Mike Foster. The population is about six- million people. Louisiana has sixty-four parishes, and it is the only state with parishes. Louisiana the "Boot".
             Louisiana was made a state in 1812. It is the eighteenth state of the union. Louisiana was a very important addition to the United States, because of the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi and the port of New Orleans was a major shipping place for the export and import of major goods. There are five major ports in Louisiana today, which produce billions to the Louisiana economy. Louisiana is bordered by Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, and the Gulf of Mexico.
             The main elements in Louisiana are oil and natural gas. Louisiana also has sulfur, lime, salt, and petroleum. Louisiana has ten percent of all known United States oil reserves, and ranks third in the United States in production. Louisiana has more than 13 million acres of forest with pine, oak, gum, and cypress. Louisiana is among the top ten states in production of sugar cane, rice, sweet potatoes, and cotton. It is also the only state to have source of the Tobasco Pepper, which makes Louisiana's famous hot sauce. Tourism also brings billions of dollars to the Louisiana economy.
             Louisiana has a very diverse population of people. People say Louisiana is like a pot of gumbo, some of all nationalities. Louisiana people enjoy eating lots of gumbo and other spicy Creole dishes. Besides big city people Louisiana people enjoy farming, game hunting, fishing, and drinking.

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