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johns story

             Sometime's police victimize youths for no apparent reason. Maybe it is because those police officers were bullies when they were in school and became police officers as they reached adulthood. Therefore, they think that it is alright to still bully other people, and they have the badge to do so. Approximately one month ago there was an article in the Amsterdam Recorder that really affected me greatly; I was so overwhelmed by this article. .
             It was about my friend's son who was charged with the act of vandalizing a building on July 26 th; The youth was arrested on august 26th one month later, on his way home from a friend's house. The police officer said this youth was at a building destroying it on July 26th. I, as well as many other people including his parents, knew he was at home; it was his grandfather's birthday, and the whole family was together all night. As I read the false accusation, the worse I felt for his parents, as well as the boy. These parents are real parents, the kind who always know where their son is and always check up on him. I am very close to this family and the boy, they are speaking of. He has never been allowed to walk the streets or go anywhere that there wasn't supervision. This youth has not ever been in trouble with the law.
             I am not saying that all police officers are bullies or tyrant's; I feel there are many good police officers out there on the force. I am not saying that all police officers judge because of the stereotype. I feel that there are many police officers that do their job to the fullest to their ability. However, maybe the departments should do a more thorough investigation before hiring and also look at little deeper into the backgrounds of the applicants .

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