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John Smith Vs. John Smith

             Over the years real life stories of courageous adventures have been made into Disney movies. Characters depicted in these movies are an underdog that progresses into a hero by the end of his adventure. Their status in the movie is always hero, and their personality flawless, regardless of what had to be done to achieve their goal. Such characters are usually shown as good looking, courageous, and well mannered. Compared to the usual villain, they are seen as a perfect hero. But what if the movie created a character that was nothing like the person he was created to represent? What if the character in real life is a selfish, unpredictable, careless, dishonest, troublemaker? Would you still want to watch the movie, knowing that the character is not at all what he seems? Disney has taken real life people, turned them into your typical Disney characters, but has also changed their personality to fit one of a hero. One to be admired for doing well. The Disney movie Pocahontas depicted a story of a real life adventurer John Smith. .
             Within the first few minutes of the movie, you are already know that John Smith is going to be the hero. Automatically, you feel that the character is wonderful. He is already seen as flawless. Disney will make sure he fills that role as much as he can throughout the movie. But in real life, was he such a good person? Was he a hero? What was his goal in coming to the new world? At this point, the viewer is so overwhelmed by his status, compared to every other character he is perfect in every way. Unless you know the true story of John Smith, this is the one you will believe. The story Disney uses is the one you will want to believe happened. Compared to the movie the story of John Smith is different. His importance in discovering the New World was different. He was not just a crew member looking for an adventure. He was a governor, looking to settle new territory for the company in which he sails for.

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