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Gambling in New York

            Gambling is defined as playing a game for money or other stakes. In most cases, gambling is a very risky event in which enormous amounts of money could be won with relatively small bets, or enormous amounts of money could be lost trying to win. Niagara Falls, New York, is a city with great growth potential. If gambling were brought into Niagara Falls, there is no doubt that the city would greatly benefit from it. Legalized gambling establishments, such as casinos, come with many advantages and only a few disadvantages. .
             Niagara Falls is a city that over 60,000 people call home (http://www.nffire.com/). It is a prosperous city with a good economy. This may in part be due to its location right next to the Falls. However, if gambling were brought into the city, it would have a tremendous, positive effect on the economy. For instance, it would help boost the economy, and bring in an increased flow of tourists to the area. This would create a demand for more hotels and businesses in the area, which would create many more jobs. A casino alone would create over 3,000 new jobs. Take Casino Niagara for example. It employs over 3,700 workers, and reports that over 25,000 people per day walk through their doors. That's almost one-half of the entire population of Niagara Falls. With that kind of increase in people going into Niagara Falls, they are bound to spend their money in local restaurants and other various tourist attractions (http://www.casinoniagara.com). .
             In order to see what kind of growth a casino would bring to Niagara Falls, we can examine Casino Niagara and the impact that it has had on the economy in Ontario. Casino Niagara is currently the number one tourist attraction in Canada. Over 160 million dollars in building permits were created in 1999, which was an increase of 47% over 1998. The tourism industry is expected to invest 1 billion dollars over the next four years, and by 2002, the number of visitors to the Niagara region is expected to exceed 20 million.

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