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Should Sports Gambling Be Legalized?

            The law surrounding canada sports betting is a hot topic. At the moment, it is legal for provincial governments and casinos to offer bets that cover more than a single game: for instance, parlays on several games taking place on the same night, or future bets on who will win the stanley cup, are allowed. However, a new bill that is currently being debated could allow each CA province to make a decision on whether or not to allow online betting on individual sports contests, games or matches. Yet, right now there is nothing legally preventing individuals from placing bets at internet based sports books in Canada. Sports betting is slowly consuming the gambler's psychological and physical health and leaving financial consequences. ┬áThe New Yorker's James Surroweicki excellently makes the case in a recent piece:.
             For millions of Americans, March Madness is not so much about March as it is madness.
             Take a former stockbroker from New York we'll call Fred (not his real name). For him, March Madness was about waking up, shirt soaked in sweat, already down $40,000 by Sunday morning of the first weekend. It was about taking 10 mg. of Ambien every night and still not being able to sleep. It was about tricking his parents into investing $30,000 into his "business," when the money really was going to bookies. There are numerous forms of legal gambling: including lotteries, bingo, and casino where people already losing a lot of money. If canada legalize sports gambling will only drawn more people into the gambling industries where people wet their shoes and can never pull themselves up again. Sports gambling also confuses people from a "real" sport fan and a fan of sport gambling. When is the last time you heard someone go to horse track just to watch the action? Similarly, not everyone buys ticket to a game just to watch his/her favorite player in the field. Thus, Canada should not legalize sports gambling because it is harmful to canadian psychologically, physically and financially.

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