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Legalized Gambling

             After a hard days work, everyone wants to relax or have some fun.
             friends over for an exciting game of craps when, suddenly the police break into the building and.
             arrest everyone. Why? It is illegal to spend your own, hard worked money on certain things,.
             gambling included. Who is the government to tell us on what we can and cannot spend our own.
             money? Who are they to tell us what our morals should be? Like it or not, they do anyway, and.
             gambling and all of its forms is another activity on which they have strict regulations. The history.
             of gambling dates back to colonial times. The first form was lotteries which were used to pay off.
             the original colonies" debts and finance wars. As time progressed, the gambling wave moved.
             west and new forms arose. High stakes card games such as poker became popular. Until modern.
             times most forms of gambling went unregulated. However, now only ten states, Nevada, New.
             Jersey, South Dakota, Iowa, Colorado, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, and Indiana,.
             allow casino games. The types of games include keno, slot machines, card games, and table.
             games. Yet Pennsylvania, for some reason, has even less gaming privileges then other states.
             Gambling can bring massive revenues in areas where it is legal. This is not a false reason. This is.
             a fact proven by statistics from other states. Also, many forms of light gambling are already legal.
             in Pennsylvania and many other states. Light gambling includes the lottery, raffles, and bingo. In.
             addition, the United States was created on the basis of freedom. One liberty that people believe is.
             completely our choice is the way in which we spend our money. This "freedom" however is still,.
             of course, regulated by our government. Therefore we are not allowed to spend our own money.
             gambling. In short, all forms of gambling should be legalized in Pennsylvania.
             Economically speaking, legalizing gambling in all states could be one of the greatest.

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