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Legalized Gambling

             Outside of Las Vegas, the gambling industries growth can be seen.
             everywhere; state lotteries, riverboat casinos, bingo parlors, and Indian.
             reservation casinos can be seen all across the country. Legalized gambling has .
             had, and will continue to have a negative impact on society. It's negative effects .
             can be seen throughout our city's, state's, and country; and the worst part is that .
             legalized gaming continues to grow.
             Legalized gaming promotes a harmful practice; unwise investing. .
             One of the most senseless and speculative "investments" on earth is the lottery. .
             It is deceitful because of the simple fact that the real product delivered is a .
             fourteen million to one chance of winning; FALSE HOPE. It siphons money .
             from the community but provides neither a comparable good or service in .
             Indian gaming for example might help the local economy it resides .
             in, but the negative vibes of gambling possess' certain individuals mentality and .
             can effect the local residents personal wealth, growth, and stability. While the .
             owners of the casino just sit back and build their income (filter out) from the .
             money being circulated through their doors.
             Gambling, especially the lotteries, contribute to the attitude that .
             person can get something for nothing, a belief many people consider particularly .
             harmful to the nation's morality. The state's, by administering the lotteries, have .
             become party to this. By sanctioning gambling, government authorities have .
             contributed to making gambling publicly acceptable. Many opponents believe .
             that government and community leaders have had a choice between money and .
             morality and, in all to many cases, have chosen money. Not only do they .
             degrade their own integrity, but they also debase the values of their .
             Although it does have it's positive effects, legalized gambling's .
             negative effects are far greater. It's a shame that we are not warned about .

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