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nures patient rtelation

             "Understanding the nature of the relationship between nurse and patient is akin to understanding the nature of nursing itself".
             This essay describes Stein Parbury's (2000) research on the relationship between nurses and patients and the factors affecting their relationships in different situations. Because nursing is a profession in which nurses have to be constantly in contact with the patients, it is very important that they have a caring and invaluable relationship between them. The issues discussed below could possibly provide general guidelines for the nurses, and are not the only means for establishing a better relationship between the nurse and patient. The contextual approach of the nurse towards the patient and the nurse's perceptiveness helps in receiving an improved response from the patient and ultimately leading to a better relationship. This essay focuses on four main topics starting with the nature of the nurse patient relationship, nursing as caring, the characteristics of the relationship between patient and nurse, and finally the types of relationships.
             The nurse patient relationship describes how understanding the nature of the relationship between nurse and patient gives a justification and a full meaning to nursing as a profession (Stein Parbury, 2000, p. 29). Nurses should develop intuition in understanding the patient and also help them to resolve their ailments. Nurses should also try and make themselves inure and never make the patients realize their unconcerned feelings, but always try to be sympathetic towards them. .
             Furthermore, it is not only the technical skills that are required, but also the potential to understand. Moreover, effective interaction develops the relationship between the nurse and the patient, which is of vital importance in becoming an ideal nurse. .
             According to Stein Parbury( 2000, p. 23) nurses should keep in mind that they are not employed just to complete a set of tasks assigned to them, but should treat the patients like individuals, who also have feelings and emotions, which are to be cared for and respected.

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