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             Past experiences, short-term goals, and future plans are the three things that define my attitude, work ethic, and commitment. I have experienced many things in my life from tremendous tragedy to extreme elation. I am focused on my college education and my potential job opportunities. Finally, I look to the future for both occupation successes along with personal success. .
             One major thing in my life that has contributed to my attitude is the tragedies I have faced. Personally, I have recovered from a third degree burn and a temporary blindness in my right eye. When I was four I accidentally spilled a pot of boiling tomatoes on myself, causing scares on my shoulder, neck, and stomach. Then when I was thirteen I ruptured a whole in my retina that caused legal blindness in my right eye. I have recovered from the burns and surgery brought most of the sight back to my eye, but I am still completely changed by these two incidents. My attitude is now I can get through anything that gets in my way with a little faith and prayer. Two other tragedies that have influenced my life greatly are my Grandpa Cook's battle with cancer and my Grandpa Theis's sudden death. Grandpa Cook was diagnosed with cancer when I was very young and he battled through this only to get it again a few years later. Grandpa Theis died suddenly of a heart attack in April 1997 and my family has united and become stronger through this tragedy. These two incidents have shown me how with combined dedication and prayer people can get through anything. Tragedies are always difficult to deal with, but they also strengthen a person's will and attitude toward life. .
             Tragedies have influenced my life, but I have still been greatly affected by extreme elation. Sports have been the source of these influences in my life. Playing football and basketball in high school has played a major role in the formation of my work ethic. When I play a sport, I play full speed and hold nothing back.

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