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Seperation Of Powers

             federal government consists of three braches of government known as the separation of powers. The three branches include the judicial branch, legislative branch and executive branch. The judicial interprets the law, the legislative creates the law, and the executive enforces the law. These three branches were created to ensure that each aspect of the government is balanced and have dominant impact on the states. Each branch is made up of checks and balances which limits branches by giving each the right to amend acts on other branches. .
             The judicial branch of the federal government interprets the Constitution and decides if federal laws are protecting the rights of citizens. It consists of a system of courts throughout the country, headed by the Supreme Court of the United States. Its main function is to maintain peace and order in society. Every state has its own judicial branch, so there are 50 state court systems and 95 percent of all cases are held in these state courts. The judicial branch works together with the executive branch and legislative branch in governing.
             The legislative branch basically makes new laws and modifies existing laws. This branch includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. It also has the power of impeaching officials and approving of treaties. Although states have the power to not comply with laws passed by the legislature, the states are impacted by the laws passed. The laws that the legislature creates are enforced by the executive branch.
             The largest branch of government is the executive branch which is headed by the President. Its main function is to enforce and administer laws created by the legislative branch. The executive branch has the power to veto a bill, sign and enforce a bill, or send a bill back to congress to be changed. At the state level the governor of the state is head of the executive branch but the national executive branch still retains greater power.

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