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boys and girls

            After reading the story "Boys and Girls" I had formulated many viewpoints on what the story meant. The short story was obviously about the issue of "Sex Role Stereotyping" and how that has been a matter of many years now. The setting wasn't exactly hundreds of years ago, but certainly not the present, this just showed how sex role stereotyping can happen in any place at any time, for example on a barn in the past. The author wrote the story by not referring to herself as a boy or girl or even her name, and by reading the first couple of pages, I and I am sure that many others thought that she was a boy just because of the chores and jobs she had to do around their farmland. This was just a way to show the readers that even they do reference to sex role stereotyping somewhat. As the story went on readers then realized what the concern was of the story was. .
             The main character in the short story seemed to have a strong interest in the more rough and hard work on a farmland, work witch her father took care of. Her mother on the other hand did was the cook and the house worker. The parents seemingly enough had a problem with the fact that a young girl was more interested in the fathers work rather than her mothers, which was a problem. I guess in a way this wasn't such a bad idea, the main character was a small 12 year old girl, and obviously this wasn't much help in the farmland. Throughout the story you can see how being judged for what type of sex you are can have a painful effect on someone. .
             In my opinion sex role stereotyping has been a problem for a long time now, and it's probably never going to go away to a certain extent. This issue takes effect without knowing by parents raising their young. By subliminal messages and the style of life that many parents live, kids are often brought up thinking that it's right for boys to play with trucks and girls to play with dolls. From my perspective this is wrong, I think kids should be brought up in a more open manner.

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