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Flyy Girl

             Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree.
             Flyy Girl is about a girl named Tracey Ellison growing up in Philadelphia. She starts off with a Mother and a Father living in the home, at the beginning of the book it focuses on them more. Their relationship isn't so happy-go-lucky. Tracey parents are thinking about divorce, but then just decide to separate for a while. Tracey and her little brother we"re left without a Father in the home, but it doesn't really affect her at first because she is too young. Tracey soon started school and liked it a lot. She was smart, had friends, and loved recess. She also hated boys at first. Her best friend Raheema, and her sister Mercedes lived next door to her, for most of her life. Raheema, and Mercedes went to private school though. Raheema was a quiet, shy, conservative girl, just the opposite of Tracey. Mercedes didn't like private school, and she wanted to go where all the boys were. She began to flirt with the boys on her street. One boy asked her to sneak out and come to his house, so she did. He took her virginity, and she was only 15. That started Mercedes off to a bad start. She became wild, and uncontrollable. .
             When Tracey and Raheema got in middle school finally, Tracey was a new girl. She wore the latest style no matter how much it cost, had the latest hair do, and was very popular with the girls as well as the guys. Raheema was still the same Ra-Ra. She didn't care about all the fashion trends and what's hot, all she was worried about was getting good grades. Tracey and Raheema became distant because of that they were growing apart. Tracey liked to party, Raheema liked to study. Tracey's grades began to suffer. She was very much into boys through out middle school and into high school. In high school, Tracey met a guy named Victor. Victor and Tracey fell in love, and Tracey felt he was the one that she wanted to loose her virginity.

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