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flyy girl

             I young lady with the wrong idea of what having a boyfriend met. Tracy the main character raised up spoiled, finally meets her match, boys! She learns about the true meaning of the saying, "my body is a temple." this book is just great, it has love, drama, and a lesson in one.
             Tracy at the age of 13 believes into her next neighbor's idea of how to get things and live the glamorous life of sleeping with men and playing with their mind to get stuff.Tracy will soon learn not to play with boys mind, it won't work. Omar Tyree gets into the mind of every teenage girl thinking about the things that women do. He shows how teenage girls get confused about the things that really matter.
             Omar tells the truth about the drama in teenagers lives. Like for example girls fighting over boys, boys stealing for the fun of it, and how boys use some girls. This story doesn't have that awww look a happy ending. It doesn't sugar coat anything. Its true, some boys don't have respect for some females and will use them in a heart beat. This story cuts me deep with its facts. It also says how boys will leave the girl they love for a piece of action with some girl. This story blows your mind and make you relate easy to it.
             Tracy finally learns at the end to respect her body and love herself, it took her late nights with many guys for her to realize that. Some parents say "oh no not my baby" but the truth is that, yes it can be your baby. This book shows how some parents are just so clueless about their kids and it's a shame. This book is wow, out there an d I"m finally happy someone can give a clue to parents without us teenagers opening our mouths and be in danger to get on punishment.

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