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Flyy Girl

            This book is about a girl named Tracy who lives with both her parents and then they split up and her father isn't that much of a father for her in her teenage years. They began back talking again when Tracy was 13 and her mother gets pregant by her father and they have a son nammed Jason. Tracy is a wild teenager and she goes to parties with her friends everyone except for her neighbor Rahemma who listens to her father and is a good girl unlike Tracy and all their friends.Mercedes is Rehemma older sister who was just tried of being a good girl to be respectful to her father so she moves out with their auntea and she was Tracy role model and why Tracy acted so fast and grown. When Tracy was with one of her new boyfriends not Victor who she lost her virginity to at 13 because he presured into it by saying he was going to leave her and she knew he was going to go to another girl instead of her that night. Maybe the girl Samantha he was talking to at the party that night.When she saw Mercedes again she was with a drug dealer where Tracy was with her boyfriend who also was a drug dealer picking up drugs and Mercedes was doing sexual favors for drugs. Tracy was in shock of Mercedes and decided that she wasn't going to leave life in the face lane any more and begin being back friends with Rehemma since they weren't friends since they were 14 because Tracy took the first boyfriend tha she had.Tracy stops being grown and she finds out that her first love and the boy that took her virginty is now in jail becuase of selling drugs and got caught by the police got time.While Tracy was about to go away to college she recieved a letter from Victor saying that he was now a muslim and he changed his name to Quadeer Muhummad and he wants to settled don with her when he gets out of prison and start a new life all she can do is wait patiently which she does until FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY the sequel to FLYY GIRL.

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