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            I have learned so much from dare, and here are just some of the things I have learned. I learned that there are 4 kinds of peer pressure, friendly, indirect, teasing, and heavy. Did you know when you use tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana; you get high, addicted, bad health, slow reflect, bad memory, and wastes lots of money on the drugs. But, if you don't use these drugs, you don't get high, don't smell bad, probably would save some money, have normal reflects, and might gain some friends because you don't drink or smoke. Three reasons I think kids use drugs are because they don't feel good about themselves; they have too much pressure on them, and are curious to find out what drugs are like. I would say most kids my age, which is 11-12 don't smoke because they know how harmful drugs are, because they are not afraid to say no, and have already been through the dare program and know how harmful drugs really are. Did you know that if you breaths in someone else's smoke that it is called second hand smoking? Second hand smoking is very harmful and bad for your health. So if someone you know smokes, be aware of second hand smoking. All the dangerous drugs out in the world can all affect your schoolwork, your family, your friendships, and your health. They might even limit your actions and choices for your whole life. One last thing that you should always remember is that drugs don't have power over you unless you let them!.

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