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abortion, world hunger, war

            Death may simply be defined as the termination of life. Dying is something that all of us taught from grade school about. Everybody knows that death is something that is inevitable irrespective of class, wealth, beauty or any attribute. It is something that everybody, or for that matter, every living thing experiences. When does death, which is supposed to be so accepted, become something that is wrong is the question here, and when is it justified? There are so many subdivisions of killing human beings or letting them die that are being addressed nowadays. For the sake of my paper, I intend to concentrate on abortion, world hunger and war, each of which I will address separately. The end result might be the same, but the three situations are entirely different. .
             Abortion is the termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a fetus that is incapable of survival. The Roman Church does not accept abortion. There are two factors influencing the debate of abortion. .
             The first way one can argue about abortion is by stating that the fetus, although not a child that walks around, still has life and hence has a moral status and so is entitled to a full life. Looking at it from the graduated species criterion, we can see how this ties back to this argument. According to the graduated species criterion, a zygote is a person. A fetus is scientifically proven to resemble a person and definitely has a potential for becoming a person.
             The second way one can argue about abortion is based on the social/political aspect of the same. A woman does have rights to decide whether or not she wants to go through with her pregnancy. She is after all going to be the one who will deliver the kid and look after the kid too. .
             Based on these two important factors, we have why people are for and against abortion. The people who are against abortion have the deontological perspective. These people have some very valid points.

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