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Feminist Movement

            The feminist movement was one of the most important social movements of the 19th and 20th centuries. Feminist issues range from access to employment, education, child-care, contraception, and abortion, to equality in the workplace, changing family roles, redress for sexual harassment in the workplace, and the need for equal political representation. This movement was partially successful in the United States. Although Women's suffrage was not achieved until 1920, which was the end of WWI, other rights such as the right to hold government positions, divorce, and the right to control their own property were granted to women. WWI was such a major help to the Women's movement because while the men were away at war, the women had to take over the American economy. Women worked in factories, and other dangerous positions, which are generally worked by Men of a certain physical ability. The result of women working our country is their right to vote. .
             The Feminist movement is often defined as a movement that advocates equal rights for women. Women have been fighting for many centuries now, just for equality. Equal employment, equal pay, equal opportunity, the list goes on. Since the nineteenth century women have been constantly active, rallying and lobbying in the hope they will improve their rank in society. That's over 10 decades of fighting for something that should not have to be gained.
             Women were a poor, unarmed and disenfranchised class when they first organized to gain political power in the mid-1800s. The struggle for the ballot took over 70 years of constant, determined campaigning, yet it didn't take a single life, and its achievement has lasted. Compare this with male-led independence movements such as the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Without firing a shot, throwing a rock, or issuing a personal threat, women won for themselves rights that men have launched violent rebellions to achieve.

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