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            One thing in life that is always stable is pie. Pie is a hallmark of our American culture. It is up there with baseball, Mom and waving around little American flags on the fourth of July. There are multiple types of pies, but four have stood above and beyond the rest. These four pies are not only tasty and delicious, but they have deep connections with our cultural heritage. Apple, pumpkin, sweet potato and chocolate cream stand in the pantheon above all others. Let's take a look at their impact.
             Apple is the most famous of all the pies, and deservedly so. It's deceptively simple. Crust, apple and sugar are the basic ingredients. Sure you can just eat this pie by itself, but that would be like buying a cake and not putting icing. The thing is apple pie may not have icing, but what it does have is even better: vanilla ice cream.
             By adding the most simple of ice creams to a simple pie you create a force that is to be reckoned with. None of the other pies on the list can team up with ice cream so that may seem like an unfair advantage. However, its not, and if any pie deserves such an advantage its apple.
             The apple in American culture is extremely important. There are tall tales about Johnny Appleseed carrying the apple's legacy across our great nation. Whether or not the tale is exactly true is almost irrelevant. It is in the spirit of the tale that shows us Americans love our apples enough to make up stories about people who spread them. They are so fundamentally entwined with our culture that it just doesn't matter. When Americans need to rally together apple pie is there. Pearl Harbor? Mom's were baking apple pies all night long. September 11? You can bet that pie makers threw everything into apples. That's where America's heart lies. In its apple pies. Which is why it is better than every other type of pie on the list.
             Sweet Potato Pie.
             To talk about sweet potato pie in relation to apple is almost ludicrous.

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