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Application of Decision Making Technique

            The team's decision to implement a supply inventory tracking database was comprised using the Decision-making Pie chart. We found this to be a more direct form of problem solving than the other methods. The chart allowed for us to visually see where the majority of our efforts should be focused. The steps within each respective slice helped the team to progress in an efficient and effective manner.
             Framing the problem is the first slice of the pie. Within this slice there are three objectives to be accomplished. The initial task of identifying the problem was presented to the team by a fellow member. This allowed us to begin with the end in mind. Our task was to develop a tracking system for supplies. With this step accomplished, we were able to move on to the next task of defining criteria, goals and objectives.
             The team was in agreement on the implementation of a tracking database. Since each member of the team had experience in creating and deploying databases; the criteria were established by compiling each team member's inputs. There was no additional budget established for completing this project, our goal was to implement an effective database using resources the company already owned. We were able to find excess user licenses for Microsoft Access in the supply closet. The team agreed that this would be a viable solution since it was easy to develop forms and reports within the program. Since our objective was now clearly defined, we were able to proceed to evaluating the effects of the problem.
             We requested copies of the projected budget report for this year as well as copies from the previous two years. This way we could establish the effect the lack of a tracking means had on the company's budget. We were able to conclude that the company was spending an overage of money on unnecessary supplies and not enough money on supplies that were in demand. This was the final step in framing the problem.

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