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FeliX Unger Profile

             Marital status and complete history:.
             I have been married to my wife Frances for twelve years until recently. I am now in the process of getting divorced (or maybe I should say being divorced).
             Complete family history with specific details:.
             I have two children, a boy and a girl, with Frances. I also have a brother upstate in Buffalo, New York.
             Education Level: I have completed high school and college. I received good to excellent grades in both.
             Socio-economic background: I come from a middle class family and am now in the upper-middle class myself. I enjoy a well-paying job and until recently had a nice to apartment to return to after returning from said job.
             Friends: I have a small close circle of friends that include: Oscar Madison, Murray, Vinnie, and Roy. I usually meet them at least once a week for a poker game.
             Current job: I write news for a news station in New York.
             Career goals: I'm pretty complacent with my current job but I'm not adverse to a higher paid position.
             Favorite books, movies, music, television shows, and plays: I enjoy classic literature such as Walden by Thoreau and some works by Hemingway. My musical tastes tend to lean towards classical but I enjoy mellow jazz as well. As far as television goes, I usually just watch the news, as don't many of the other programs on television to be very informative. I'm also not a big play fan but I enjoy operas immensely.
             Style of Dress: I'm not a big tee-shirt fan. I like casual shirts accompanied with slacks and suitable shoes (no sneakers).
             Grooming Habits: I keep my hair meticulously groomed. I shampoo it daily and brush it hourly. I keep my clothing spotless and I wear all my shirts tucked in.
             Vocal Characteristics: I believe myself to have a normal voice but I've been told it sometimes takes on whining and/or nagging qualities.
             How did you grow up: I grew up in a relatively average-sized normal town (a far cry from the city I occupy now).

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